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If you wish to have Linux drivers written for your device, just follow the simple steps here:

Post to the Developers mailing list the following information

  • What type of device you wish to have supported.
  • Summary of technical specs that you have for your device.
  • If your company requires an NDA to be signed to get access to the specifications for this device.
  • Anything else you think that the project managers will find helpful in trying to determine the amount of effort that will be needed to support this device.

The community will then respond with some followup questions based on your initial query and will work to assign some developers to your project.

Once the proper developers are found, you will probably be required to provide at least one sample of the device to the developer so that they can develop and test the Linux kernel driver. If you wish to pair the developers up with some of your own technical people, that has been found to be the quickest way to answer questions that come up in the normal process of development.

After the driver is developed and you verify that it works properly for you, it will be submitted to the main Linux kernel tree for inclusion in the main Linux kernel source tree that all Linux distributions base their releases on.

If you have further questions about this process, please feel free to contact GregKH directly.

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