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Here is a list of Open Source (only GPL, BSD, MIT or MPL licenses accepted) Linux drivers that are already written, but are not included in the main Linux kernel.org tree for one reason or another. These are all possible projects that the Linux Driver Project developers could undertake to move the driver into the main kernel tree.

Note: Please do not list closed source drivers here, or ones that contain some kind of licensing issue that prevents them from being merged into the Linux source tree due to a legal issue. If no open source driver exists for the same hardware, please add an entry on DriversNeeded if one does not already exist.


Drivers by subsystem and type



Fixed Ethernet

  • Chelsio TOE and RDMA support for the Terminator family [1]
    • NOTE: Networking maintainers do not want support for this class of hardware in kernel!

Wireless 802.11

Controller Area Network (CAN, ISO 11898)




Card Readers



  • The iSCSI Enterprise Target Project, also known as IET. As explained in the IET FAQ, IET is deployed as a kernel module. In contrast with the older iSCSI target IET has been forked from, patching and recompiling the kernel is not necessary in order to use IET.
  • The iSCSI-SCST project. The iSCSI-SCST project is another actively maintained implementation of an iSCSI target for Linux. Compared to IET, iSCSI-SCST has a higher performance and overcomes several of the limitations of IET. For a detailed comparison of iSCSI-SCST and IET, see also http://scst.sourceforge.net/comparison.html.
  • Although the kernel part of the Linux SCSI target framework project (stgt) has been merged upstream in kernel 2.6.20, both the IET and the SCST projects have a considerable user base. This is because the IET and iSCSI-SCST targets have a higher throughput and lower latency than stgt. The throughput difference can be up to 50% -- see also [3] or [4]. The performance difference is significant because stgt has been implemented almost entirely in user space, while IET and iSCSI-SCST have been implemented in the kernel. There are no plans to reimplement the stgt iSCSI target in the kernel -- to the contrary, implementing most of it in user space was one of the design goals of the stgt project.


Disk encryption

  • loop-AES (uncooperative with kernel developers)


Video Input

Web Cams


  • V4L driver for Matrox Marvel G200-TV and G400-TV
  • RivaTV: Enables video-in TV tuners that come with nVidia graphics cards.
  • [5] Video capture from Mantis based DVB cards - still considered as experimental by the driver author (Found link here: http://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/TerraTec_Cinergy_C_DVB-C)
  • [6] The TV-Master TM6000 is an integrated Video decoder and USB bridge IC from Trident. There is an experimental patch that has several issues. Due to that, it is was not been included in tree, and doesn't compile with the latest kernels, due to the i2c changes.
  • tw68 - V4L2 driver for Techwell TW6800 based boards

Video Output


Input Devices

Multiport Serial Devices

Data acquisition / custom device control

Hardware monitoring (a.k.a lm_sensors)


  • SIS1100/SIS3100 PCI to VME interface (VME is a bus architecture popular in high-end physics labs and mission-critical systems) - the existing Linux source can be found at http://www.struck.de/linux1100.htm
  • vmedrv is a device driver for Linux 2.x for the PCI-VME bus adapter Model 616/617/618/620 manufactured by SBS Technologies (Bit3).

Test/development cards

  • ex10 ex10_i2c ex10_spi Modules for Amfeltec eX10 PCI Extender, GPL, included on accompanying CD only.

ACPI Support

Hardware offload

Howler Screamer G.729 encode/decode offload card. http://www.howlertech.com/static/downloads/hfs-1.3.2.tar.gz

Non-Driver modules outside of the kernel tree


Network Block Devices

LSM (Linux Security Modules)




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