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The Linux Driver Project is focused on creating and maintaining OpenSource Linux kernel drivers for all types of devices.


About us

We are a group of Linux kernel developers (over 400 strong) that develop and maintain Linux kernel drivers. We work with the manufacturers of the specific device to specify, develop, submit to the main kernel, and maintain the kernel drivers. We are willing and able to sign NDAs with companies if they wish to keep their specifications closed, as long as we are able to create a proper GPLv2 compliant Linux kernel driver as an end result.


If you are a company that wishes to have a Linux kernel driver written and maintained by this group, please go to the CompanyProcess page.


We have quite a long list of FrequentlyAskedQuestions that you might wish to peruse before asking them to the developers or on the MailingLists.


We currently have one mailing list, for all Developers. Please see the MailingLists page for more details.

Current Projects

We have a list of currently running projects, along with some information about past projects on the ProjectStatus page.

As it seems that there are not enough companies asking us to do development for them to keep all of the developers busy, we have started to collect two lists, one list of OutOfTreeDrivers, that could be cleaned up and added to the main Linux kernel tree, and one list of DriversNeeded for hardware that does not currently work on Linux. Please contribute to these lists if you can.


This project was started with an announcement to the Linux Kernel mailing list by GregKH, and has enabled many different manufacturers to achieve full Linux support for their devices.


If you still have questions, or do not see the answer for what you are looking for, please feel free to contact GregKH.

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